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FAIR Newsletter 9/2023

The Finnish AI Region is establishing a new artificial intelligence ecosystem in Finland aimed at boosting the operations of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) through the implementation of AI-driven automation and digitalization.

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You are reading the newsletter from Finnish AI Region FAIR, great to have you here! You are receiving this as a representative of a FAIR customer company or a partner or you are otherwise a valuable part of the FAIR ecosystem. 

FAIR focuses on delivering expert services related to AI, XR, cybersecurity and high-performance computing in the digital service, smart city and health sectors. The project is co-funded by the EU and Business Finland. 


Generative AI Meetup, Oct 4th @ Helsinki XR Center

Come meet your peers and hear about concrete uss and limitations og generative AI for creativity and production in XR & emerging tech! Organized by FIVR Read more >>

Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023, Oct 4-5th @ CSS, Kajaani

Demystifying supercomputing for business. Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023 is  one of those must-attend events. Organized by CSC. Read more>> 

Japan Innovation Party, Oct 10th @ GRID

Join us for casual networking party between Japanese corporations, local startups, universities, research institutions, and other ecosystem builders in Espoo. Organized by Enter Espoo. Read more >>

AI Updates, Oct 23rd @ KIRAHub / Hybrid

AI Updates is a current affairs talk show about artificial intelligence development in the build environment. You can watch the live stream through KIRAHub social media channels or on-site at Urban3.

Supercomputing for Chemistry and Materials Scince Companies, Oct 26th @ Life Science Center, Keilaranta / Hybrid

Supercomputing for Chemistry and Materials Science Companies seminar will introduce how your company can benefit from cutting-edge research methods such as molecular dynamics and density functional theory simulations, powered by the LUMI supercomputer. Read more >>

AI Day, Nov 8th @ Dipoli, Espoo

AI Day is the biggest annual event highlighting the leading AI research in Finland. The event brings together researchers, companies, students, and the public sector involved in the fast-developing field of AI. AI Day promotes matchmaking, information sharing, and cross-border collaboration.

March XR, Nov 29th @Metropolia Arabia Campus

The biggest one-night XR & emerging tech event in the Nordics! Call open for demo spaces and expo booths until Oct 6th. Read more >>





FAIR together with its partner organizations offer multiple courses related to AI for free for everyone interested: 

Elements of AI (MinnaLearn)
Building AI (MinnaLearn)
AI for Built Environment (MinnaLearn & KIRAHub)
take the course if you plan to apply for KIRAHUB’s accelerator program
Cybersecurity (MinnaLearn)
Practical AI (Edukamu)


Are you interested in FAIR services that we offer to our customer companies? Here are three examples! FAIR services are only for FAIR customers, so please register first and you will be assigned a customer manager. All the services can be accessed by your customer manager. 

Digital Maturity Assessment 

Assess your company’s digital maturity and identify development areas with a Digital Maturity Assessment tool, provided by the EU commission as part of Digital Europe program. After completing the assessment, you are able to see the European average digital maturity levels and how your company positions amongst others. If you have not yet assessed your digital maturity with a FAIR expert, make sure you have filled in the registration form on our webpages or contact your account manager. 

Digital business consulting 

FAIR offers advisory services for digital business development from a variety of perspectives: 

1. Digitalisation road mapping support  

2. Business modelling support for new AI-based solutions and services  

3. User-centric business development support   

4. IT planning support   

5. Trustworthy AI assessment   

6. Talk to researcher events  

7. Robotic process automation for financial management  

Advisory for large-scale computing 

FAIR offers advice and consultancy on high performance computing and supercomputing. Supercomputing is used for artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that require large amounts of data and computing resources. FAIR customer companies can access the Finnish LUMI supercomputer in Kajaani. 

White logo of Finnish AI Region (FAIR EDIH). In is written FAIR - FINNISH AI REGION, EDIH
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