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What is EDIH?

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are a pivotal element of the EU’s Digital Europe program, a flagship initiative aimed at enhancing digital transformation. 

These hubs serve as non-profit centers, propelling digital investments and fostering the digitization of both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the public sector. Their objective is to broaden and expedite the access to new technologies for businesses and public services.

EDIHs function as consortia, often new associations, emerging from existing organizations that align with the EDIH’s mission. These consortia offer a unique blend of services to support digital transformation. The network of EDIHs across Europe allows clients to access a diverse range of specialized services from different parts of the continent. 

Following a competitive selection process in 2021-2022, the European Commission, assisted by external experts, established 136 new innovation hubs within the EU, including four in Finland. 

This expansion exemplifies the EU’s commitment to advancing digital innovation and connectivity across its member states. Four Finnish EDIH innovation hubs are:

What do they do?

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are one-stop shops supporting companies and public sector organisations to respond to digital challenges and become more competitive. EDIHs support to improve business/production processes, products, or services using digital technologies by:

  • providing access to technical expertise and testing, as well as the possibility to ‘test before invest’
  • providing innovation services, such as financing advice, training, and skills development that are central to successful digital transformation
  • helping companies tackle environmental issues, in particular the use of digital technologies for sustainability and circularity.

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