Light golden Rlogo of Finnish AI Region (FAIR EDIH). In is written FAIR - FINNISH AI REGION, EDIH
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The Finnish AI Region offers world-class expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, cyber security, augmented reality, and high-performance computing. The services are primarily free of charge and rely on existing know-how and infrastructure. The service offer allows you to develop and test new innovations quickly and effortlessly. By bringing together solution providers and target companies, FAIR creates opportunities for completely new solutions. At the same time, it strengthens the competitiveness of Finnish companies in the global market.


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Examples of our services

Need Analysis & Advisory

We offer consulting and workshops related to the promotion of digitalization, such as designing a digital product, creating the company’s digitalization roadmap, and utilizing high-performance computing.


We offer flexible and versatile training and online courses for different purposes and organise training sessions on, for example, topics related to artificial intelligence, as well as XR devices and their usage methods and software in the XR showroom.

Concept Development

Our services speed up the design of the product and the related business model as well as technical experimentation in, for example, non-accelerated services such as Robogarage workspace, rapid prototype design, small test groups, and the built environment.

Solution Development

We assist you in the creation of the first or improved version of the product or service in the form of hackathons and theses as well as in high-performance computing workshops.

Experimentation (Testbeds)

We help conduct experiments with real data or in real test environments and testbeds. For example, getting accurate data on the air quality or testing service in an urban environment, educational institutions, or service homes.

Networking & Support to find Investments

We organize themed events and help customers identify partners, such as AI implementers, academic entities, investors, testing and piloting partners, and experts. We offer support in answering questions related to applying for financing.

White logo of Finnish AI Region (FAIR EDIH). In is written FAIR - FINNISH AI REGION, EDIH
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