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The publishing endeavors of the Finnish AI Region are grounded in voluntary participation. Articles authored by the expert community, endorsed by FAIR’s editorial board, are tailored for professional cohorts who integrate knowledge into their daily practices. These articles showcase FAIR’s initiatives and outcomes, ongoing research and development endeavors, the operational dynamics of client companies, and experts’ insights into the swiftly evolving landscape of the field.

Editorial Board

Dr. Teemu Moilanen

Haaga-Helia's Teemu Moilanen portrait

Editor in Chief
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Martti Asikainen

Haaga-Helian viestinnän asiantuntija Martti Asikainen

Coordinator / Editor
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Jussi Rantsi

Aalto and Helsinki University Jussi Rantsi portrait

Editorial Expert
Aalto University and University of Helsinki

Dr. Vesa Heikkinen

Editorial Expert
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Ella Niemi

Editorial Assistant
City of Helsinki

FAIR's publishing process

  • The author submits their publication proposal and draft text to the publication coordinator via email at
  • The publication coordinator presents the text to the editorial board for review.
  • If the publication is approved, the editorial team collaborates with the author to finalize the text.
  • The publication coordinator proposes publication channels and decides on them in consultation with the author.
  • The chief editor gives final approval for the publication.
  • The publication coordinator publishes the text in the agreed-upon channels.
  • The editorial team strategically disseminates the publication through relevant communication channels to maximize visibility within the target audience or groups.

FAIR's publication criteria

An article authored by experts within the higher education sector of the Finnish AI Region can be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s national data collection if it meets the following criteria:

  • The publication is endorsed by FAIR’s editorial board.
  • The publication hasn’t been previously included in any form in the data collection reports.
  • The author holds an employment affiliation with an organization representing higher education institutions within FAIR.
  • The publication is directly related to the author’s professional responsibilities and is grounded in their research or expertise.
  • It presents novel insights or information.

Alignment with the publication criteria of the Ministry of Education and Culture

The Finnish AI Region strives to create publications that align with the criteria for publications reported in the Ministry of Education and Culture’s (OKM) data collection. FAIR’s publishing endeavors are aimed at providing content tailored to professional communities (publication type D1). The different publication types and their respective criteria are detailed in the Higher Education Data Collection Handbook for universities, published in 2023 by the OKM. You can find more information at the following link:

White logo of Finnish AI Region (FAIR EDIH). In is written FAIR - FINNISH AI REGION, EDIH
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