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FAIR Newsletter 10/2023

The Finnish AI Region is establishing a new artificial intelligence ecosystem in Finland aimed at boosting the operations of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) through the implementation of AI-driven automation and digitalization.

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This is the monthly Finnish AI Region FAIR newsletter. In this newsletter we share information about upcoming events, service possibilities, case examples and more. FAIR focuses on delivering expert services related to AI, XR, cybersecurity and high-performance computing in the digital service, smart city and health sectors. The project is co-funded by the EU and Business Finland.


AI DAY, Nov 8th @ Dipoli, Aalto University
Organized by FCAI

AI Day is the biggest annual event highlighting the leading AI research in Finland. The event brings together researchers, companies, students and the public sector involved in the fast-developing field of AI. Read more >>

ITS Finland 2023, Nov 16th @ Epicenter, Helsinki
Organized by ITS Finland

Integrating artificial intelligence into the transport sector creates interesting opportunities in understanding the situation, operating the transport system, coordinating services and automation. Although the possibilities of artificial intelligence have been envisioned for decades, we are only now beginning to see its real potential and concrete use cases thanks to exponentially growing data, computing power and innovative applications. Come along to listen and discuss the possibilities of AI in building a future-proof transport system.
Notice the language of the event is Finnish. Read more >>

Match XR, Nov 29th @ Metropolia Arabia Campus
Organized by Helsinki XR Center

The biggest one-night XR & emerging tech event in the Nordics!

FAIR AI pop-up clinic goes Slush, Dec 1st
@ Lounge Area, Messukeskus, Helsinki

FAIR AI pop-up clinic is a low-threshold service for SME’s who consider deploying AI in their solution. FAIR AI experts will help you evaluate the suitability of AI for your company and service, and the concrete next steps to move forward. No ticket required, just come and meet us in the Lounge on Slush Friday!

AI Updates, Dec 4th @Hybrid
Organized by KIRAHub

AI Updates is a current affairs talk show about artificial intelligence development in the built environment. You can watch the Finnish live stream through KIRAHub social media channels or on-site at Urban3.

AI tool highlight

Want to get a sneak peek into the AI based tools and solutions in the market that everyone is already using or at least talking about? 😉

We are not going start with Chat GPT, but instead look at something new that will improve the efficiency and sustainability of the construction industry.  

Did you know that when it comes to productivity improvements, no industry has done worse than construction? And that construction industry is responsible for 40 % of global CO2 emissions? So, it’s about time for a full-on productivity tool.

Meet Wendy AI, developed and soon-to-be-released by a Finnish company Aiforsite Oy.

With Wendy AI 1.0 users can:

  • Explore BIM models, get product information, generate 2D images and link to other data sources
  • Compare, analyse and validate any documents, such as tender documents and contracts
  • Set situational awareness of the project (e.g., site progress images, schedules, real-time conditions) and automatic alerts, and compile reports with automated distribution
  • Meaningfully converse with Wendy regarding the built environment both at project and industry level

Find out more: Wendy AI | Aiforsite

See also KIRAHub’s #UrbaanitVisionäärit live stream from Oct 27th in Finnish: Wendy AI – YouTube


Are you interested in FAIR services that we offer to our customer companies? FAIR services are only for FAIR customers, so please register first and you will be assigned a customer manager. All the services can be accessed by your customer manager. In previous newsletters we have already introduced our services for concept and solution development. After having developed a new concept it’s time for our prototyping services.

Prototype for a new digital service  

FAIR offers the opportunity to prototype a new idea for a digital service. Prototyping is the process of creating a visual model of the service and its user interface that can be tested and evaluated with users. 

Proof of Concept Workshop 

FAIR offers the opportunity to go out and prove the viability of prototypes in AI, IoT and digital design, robotics, automation, and programming. The purpose of proof of concept is to convince stakeholders such as customers, financiers, partners, or management that the idea is viable, useful and feasible.

See all available FAIR services on our website:

Development of concepts and solutions – Finnish AI Region (

Experiments and testbeds – Finnish AI Region (

Advisory for large-scale computing 

FAIR offers advice and consultancy on high performance computing and supercomputing. Supercomputing is used for artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that require large amounts of data and computing resources. FAIR customer companies can access the Finnish LUMI supercomputer in Kajaani. 


FAIR together with its partner organizations offer multiple courses related to AI for free for everyone interested: 

Elements of AI (MinnaLearn)
Building AI (MinnaLearn)
AI for Built Environment (MinnaLearn & KIRAHub)
take the course if you plan to apply for KIRAHUB’s accelerator program
Cybersecurity (MinnaLearn)
Practical AI (Edukamu)

White logo of Finnish AI Region (FAIR EDIH). In is written FAIR - FINNISH AI REGION, EDIH
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