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Development of concepts and solutions

Finnish AI Region is here to assist you in developing concepts and solutions. Our service offerings encompass consultancy and advisory services, collaborative workshops, hackathons, student projects, and artificial intelligence accelerators dedicated to the real estate and construction sectors. Dive deeper into examples of concept and solution development below.


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Concept and solution services

Digital business consulting

FAIR offers advisory services for digital business development from a variety of perspectives such as Digitalisation road mapping support, Business modelling support for new AI-based solutions and services, User-centric business development support, IT planning support, Trustworthy AI assessment, Talk to researcher session and Robotic process automation for financial management.

Advisory for large-scale computing

FAIR offers advice and consultancy on high performance computing and supercomputing. Supercomputing is used for artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that require large amounts of data and computing resources.

Co-development workshop

FAIR offers co-creation workshops that harness the expertise and student resources of universities to develop services, products, or processes. The workshops aim to help companies find new perspectives, ideas, and solutions for business development.


FAIR offers the opportunity to participate in hackathons. A hackathon is an event where people work together quickly and creatively to solve a problem or challenge. The aim of a hackathon is to create a concept, a proof-of-concept (PoC) of working software and documentation in the form of a report/and or video.  The hackathon itself takes a day, but the whole process, including the definition and documentation, takes about two months.

Student projects

FAIR offers companies the opportunity to commission theses from university and polytechnic students, which can bring new perspectives, solutions and contacts to the company. The subjects of the work can be, for example, various design, development or research projects. The company can also gain valuable information about the students’ skills and interests for recruitment purposes.

AI accelerator for built environment

FAIR offers a subsidised price to participate in the KIRAHub built environment AI accelerator. This is a programme that supports companies and organisations in the real estate and construction sector to use AI and digital solutions for business development.


White logo of Finnish AI Region (FAIR EDIH). In is written FAIR - FINNISH AI REGION, EDIH
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