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Experiments and testbeds

Finnish AI Region provides a wide range of experimentation and testing platforms, allowing for the quick development of prototypes for new digital services and the demonstration and testing of artificial intelligence applications. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to test products and services in real-world settings using the testbed platforms in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa, within the 5G/NextG network. You can also make use of air quality-related data.


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Rapid prototyping

Prototype for a new digital service: FAIR offers the opportunity to prototype a new idea for a digital service. Prototyping is the process of creating a visual model of the service and its user interface that can be tested and evaluated with users.

Proof-of-Concept verification: FAIR offers the opportunity to go out and prove the viability of prototypes in AI, IoT and digital design, robotics, automation, and programming. The purpose of proof of concept is to convince stakeholders such as customers, financiers, partners, or management that the idea is viable, useful and feasible.

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Demos and tests of AI applications

FAIR offers the opportunity to experiment and test AI applications in laboratory conditions or in real environments.

Testing human/AI interaction

FAIR opens the doors to the Interaction Laboratory, an innovative research environment that uses emotional intelligence and psychophysiological measurement to explore different interaction situations and their emotional reactions.

Experiments in extended reality

FAIR offers the opportunity to visit a showroom where you can experience extended reality (XR) and try out different XR devices and applications. Extended reality is a generic term for technologies that create or modify human perception of reality.

Testbeds: real data and real environment

Helsinki testbed

FAIR offers the opportunity to test a product or service in a real environment in Helsinki in the fields of education, smart mobility, built environment, circular economy and health and well-being.

Espoo testbed

FAIR offers the opportunity to test a product or service in Espoo in a real environment in the fields of education, smart city, and sustainable development.

Vantaa testbed

FAIR offers the opportunity to test a product or service in a real or virtual environment in Vantaa in the fields of urban food, built environment and wellness technology.

Supercomputer LUMI: Try & Buy project

The company can test the suitability of the LUMI supercomputer for its purpose. In Try&Buy, a LUMI project is created for the company, with user IDs for two users. The project will have access to CPU, GPU, and storage resources, as well as expert support from CSC for testing purposes. After the test project, the company can continue to use LUMI by signing a LUMI computing services contract.

5G/NextG Network

FAIR provides the opportunity to test and simulate services in a research and experimental environment for wireless and Internet communications.

Air quality (data)

FAIR offers the opportunity to make use of air quality data. The MegaSense system can provide data at multiple levels, from city and regional levels to personal exposure to pollution.

Industrial internet

FAIR offers the opportunity to participate in an industrial internet collaboration platform where you can innovate and co-create smart, interconnected products and services. Physical labs and virtual spaces are available.

Smart city and real estate

FAIR gives companies the opportunity to showcase and test digital innovations designed for smart cities to improve the urban environment. Urban3 has been built as a meeting point between the environment and smart city actors to promote collaboration between them and raise awareness of innovative solutions.

White logo of Finnish AI Region (FAIR EDIH). In is written FAIR - FINNISH AI REGION, EDIH
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