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Accelerating innovations with Natural Language Processing Seminar

25 tammikuun @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Picture of Lumi Supercomputer. Lumi is fastest computer in Europe.

Welcome to hear how you can accelerate innovations using Natural Language Processing with LUMI supercomputer!

State of the art Large Language Models (LLM’s) would not be possible without supercomputers. LUMI, the fastest supercomputer in Europe and one of the leading research instruments in the world, is now available also for Finnish companies, no matter if your company is big or small! 

Big AI players from OpenAI to Google and Meta are competing on building massive GPU-based supercomputers to enable bigger and better language and multimodal models. Join this seminar to hear how also your company can get access to resources similar to these world-class ones, powered by the LUMI.

We will outline what needs to be considered when working with a supercomputer and how you can get access and support for using LUMI. You will also learn about available funding models and how to test the suitability of the system free of charge before investment decision.

This event is a must if:

  • your company uses AI or NLP and the current computing resources are a bottleneck for training or fine-tuning large AI models
  • you would like to accelerate your AI workloads using not just one, but multiple GPUs (even thousands!)
  • you want to learn about the high-performance NLP and AI work done in Finland.

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming seminar at the CSC office in Keilaniemi or online! This event will to be a valuable opportunity for learning and sharing knowledge. We are very keen on hearing your ideas and challenges, so we have reserved ample time for discussion.

Following the seminar, we are having a networking lunch at Plate Restaurant. This will provide a relaxed atmosphere to continue discussions and engage with our expert speakers and fellow attendees.

These seats are limited. Register now at:

Program of the Event

Venue: Life Science Center, Keilaranta 14, Espoo. 

09.00 Welcome  Aleksi Kallio, Development manager, CSC


How supercomputing enables NLP development – Väinö Hatanpää, Machine Learning Specialist, CSC
09.40 How to become a LUMI business user – Juhani Huttunen, Customer solution manager, CSC
10.00 Coffee break
10.10 Success story: Root Signals – Oguzhan Gencoglu
10.30 Bridging the gap between academic and industrial: Pre-training massive open language models for European languages – Sampo Pyysalo, University of Turku and Aarne Talman, Silo AI
11.00 Q&A
11.30 Lunch – Restaurant Plate at Life Science Center


25 tammikuun
9:00 am - 11:30 am


Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus CSC


Espoo, Keilaranta / Etämahdollisuus
02150 Suomi + Google Map