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FIIF Event: AI and the power of simulation

Platform 6 / Online Åkerlundinkatu 8, Tampere, Suomi

FIIF Event (AI in Industry series): “AI and the power of simulation” is organized Sept. 21, 2023 in Tampere, Platform6 (Åkerlundinkatu 8) and online) Quality and effectiveness of AI applications relies heavily on availability of high-quality, domain-specific datasets for testing and training those applications. In-house data, if available, needs to be collected, compiled, and annotated and still… Lue lisää »FIIF Event: AI and the power of simulation

Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023 in Kajaani Oct 4-5th

Kaukametsä Conference and Cultural Centre Koskikatu 2-4, Kajaani, Suomi

Demystifying supercomputing for business Welcome to CSC's Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023 in Kajaani – a must-attend event for companies interested to boost their innovations with supercomputing! Two-day program is full of enlightening talks by top speakers and inspiring industrial use cases where they showcase the benefits they have accomplished with supercomputing in their business. Discover how supercomputing… Lue lisää »Supercomputing Innovation Summit 2023 in Kajaani Oct 4-5th

AI DAY, Nov 8th @ Dipoli, Aalto University

Dipoli, Aalto University Otakaari 24, Espoo, Suomi

AI Day is the biggest annual event highlighting the leading AI research in Finland. The event brings together researchers, companies, students and the public sector involved in the fast-developing field of AI. The event is organized by FCAI.  Read more >>

ITS Finland 2023, Nov 16th @ Epicenter, Helsinki

Epicenter, Helsinki Mikonkatu 9, Helsinki, Suomi

Integrating artificial intelligence into the transport sector creates interesting opportunities in understanding the situation, operating the transport system, coordinating services and automation. Although the possibilities of artificial intelligence have been envisioned for decades, we are only now beginning to see its real potential and concrete use cases thanks to exponentially growing data, computing power and… Lue lisää »ITS Finland 2023, Nov 16th @ Epicenter, Helsinki

ITS Finland Syysseminaari 2023

Merkitse kalenteeri ylös ITS Finlandin Syyseminaarin päivämäärä, sillä tarjoalla on ainutlaatuinen tilaisuus pysyä ajan tasalla älyliikenteen kehityksestä Suomessa. Osallistu aktiivisesti alan keskusteluun ja verkostoidu muiden ammattilaisten kanssa. Tapahtuma on suunnattu kaikille älyliikenteestä kiinnostuneille, ja sen tavoitteena on edistää älykkäiden liikennejärjestelmien käyttöä ja kehitystä Suomessa. Lisää tietoa tapahtumasta löydät tapahtuman verkkosivuilta osoitteesta:

Industry and Society Webinar: AI & Cybersecurity


AI & Cybersecurity: Monday, 20 November 2023 at 9:30-12:00 in Zoom. Today’s complex information systems and societies relying on them are prone to cyber threats. Increasing use of artificial intelligence applications adds its own twist to the plot, compounding the need to raise awareness about AI & cybersecurity topics. 

Match XR, Nov 29th @ Metropolia Arabia Campus

Metropolia Arabia Campus Hämeentie 135 D, Helsinki, Suomi

The biggest one-night XR & emerging tech event in the Nordics! The event is organized by XR Center Helsinki. Read more >>

FAIR AI pop-up clinic goes Slush, Dec 1st @ Lounge Area, Messukeskus, Helsinki

Messukeskus Messuaukio 1, Helsinki, Suomi

FAIR AI pop-up clinic is a low-threshold service for SME’s who consider deploying AI in their solution. FAIR AI experts will help you evaluate the suitability of AI for your company and service, and the concrete next steps to move forward. No ticket is required, just come and meet us in the Lounge on Slush… Lue lisää »FAIR AI pop-up clinic goes Slush, Dec 1st @ Lounge Area, Messukeskus, Helsinki

AI Updates, Dec 4th @ Hybrid

AI Updates is a current affairs talk show about artificial intelligence development in the built environment. You can watch the Finnish live stream through KIRAHub social media channels or on-site at Urban3.

The role of AI in enhancing efficiency and business expertise (online)

MS Teams

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with insights from industry leaders at our upcoming webinar. The Ericsson Estonia X Volvo Construction Equipment: The Role of AI in Enhancing Efficiency and Business Expertise Webinar is a unique opportunity to explore practical AI applications transforming the industry. The webinar will be in English. The event is… Lue lisää »The role of AI in enhancing efficiency and business expertise (online)

Accelerating innovations with Natural Language Processing Seminar

Espoo, Keilaranta / Etämahdollisuus , Suomi

Welcome to hear how you can accelerate innovations using Natural Language Processing with LUMI supercomputer! State of the art Large Language Models (LLM's) would not be possible without supercomputers. LUMI, the fastest supercomputer in Europe and one of the leading research instruments in the world, is now available also for Finnish companies, no matter if your… Lue lisää »Accelerating innovations with Natural Language Processing Seminar