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FAIR Newsletter 11/2023

The Finnish AI Region is establishing a new artificial intelligence ecosystem in Finland aimed at boosting the operations of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) through the implementation of AI-driven automation and digitalization.

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This is the monthly Finnish AI Region FAIR newsletter. In this newsletter we share information about upcoming events, service possibilities, case examples and more.  

FAIR focuses on delivering expert services related to AI, XR, cybersecurity and high-performance computing in the digital service, smart city and health sectors. The project is co-funded by the EU and Business Finland.  

You are receiving this as a representative of a FAIR customer company or a partner or you are otherwise a valuable part of the FAIR ecosystem.  



Match XR, Nov 29th @ Metropolia Arabia Campus (Organized by Helsinki XR Center)

The biggest one-night XR & emerging tech event in the Nordics!

FAIR AI pop-up clinic goes Slush, Dec 1st, 2-4 pm @ Helsinki Lounge Area, 2nd Floor, Messukeskus, Helsinki

FAIR AI pop-up clinic is a low-threshold service for SME’s who consider deploying AI in their solution. FAIR AI experts will help you evaluate the suitability of AI for your company and service, and the concrete next steps to move forward. 

No ticket required, just come and meet us in the Lounge on Slush Friday!

AI Updates, Dec 4th @Hybrid (Organized by KIRAHub)

AI Updates is a current affairs talk show about artificial intelligence development in the built environment. You can watch the Finnish live stream through KIRAHub social media channels or on-site at Urban3. Starring:

Register for the event at KIRAHub’s website.


Natural Language Processing in Healthcare – Health Talks, 09.30-11.00 am, Dec 12th / online

This Health Talks will focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications in healthcare. Nowadays most of us know ChatGPT and how it has promised to revolutionize the way we work. Come and listen how NLP, the technique behind ChatGPT, can change the future of healthcare.

You will also learn about the NLPs implications on the education of healthcare professionals and health practice. The talk will also introduce the newly established Turku Centre for Intelligent Computing (CIC) (Tekoälykeskus in Finnish) and how it will support AI research and development.

Learn more and register at Eventbrite’s website.


Are you interested in FAIR services that we offer to our customer companies? FAIR services are only for FAIR customers, so please register first and you will be assigned a customer manager. All the services can be accessed by your customer manager.

In previous newsletters we have already introduced our services for concept and solution development, prototypes and PoCs. After having a viable prototype and an MVP it’s time for testing and experiments.

Test of AI applications in a real environment  

The AI application is tested in a real environment. The most typical environments include financial services, marketing and sales, sports and well-being, software development, human resources management and hospitability management.

FAIR customer company gets a detailed report on the test performed and the results in a session where the experts explain the contents of the report to the company: What works and what are the challenges, as well as recommendations on how the AI application may be improved. A typical duration of the service is three months.

Human-AI interaction testing

FAIR opens the doors to the Interaction Laboratory, an innovative research environment that uses emotional intelligence and psychophysiological measurement to explore different interaction situations and their emotional reactions.

Human-AI interaction testing is done by using the iMotions software. This service offers the possibility to gain detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of the AI application. Information may be gathered from sources such as: facial expressions, speech, GSR (galvanic skin response) and gaze recognition.

FAIR customer company gets information regarding the usability of its AI service regarding a specific user group. Additionally, several alternative user interfaces of the AI enabled service may be tested. The company gets a customized report on the usability of the AI-enhanced digital service, and a presentation of the report including a Q&A session with the specialists. A typical duration of the service is three months.

See all available FAIR services on our website:

Development of concepts and solutions – Finnish AI Region (

Experiments and testbeds – Finnish AI Region (

Open Call

Open call for the development of a digital twin for mobility – Offer a solution by December 4th!

We are looking for solutions for agile pilots that explore and test new methods, such as artificial intelligence, for the information modelling of the current state of street environments and street asset management. 

The aim is to serve the development of the city’s digital twin. The pilot is arranged by Forum Virium Helsinki, Mobility Lab Helsinki and Business Helsinki. Find out more: Digital twin for mobility


FAIR together with its partner organizations offer multiple courses related to AI for free for everyone interested: 

Elements of AI (MinnaLearn)
Building AI (MinnaLearn)
AI for Built Environment (MinnaLearn & KIRAHub)
take the course if you plan to apply for KIRAHUB’s accelerator program
Cybersecurity (MinnaLearn)
Practical AI (Edukamu)

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